Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer

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Brand Name Graco
Model 1W49FIN
Rating ★★★¾☆ 
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Moms love baby products that do more than one thing, so you’re sure to love the Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer. This terrific product has a removable swing seat that doubles as a bouncer, so you’ll have two great ways to soothe your baby.

  • Removable swing seat doubles as a bouncer
  • Vibration with two speed settings keeps baby relaxed
  • Roomy seat with recline and head support keep baby cozy
  • 6 swinging speeds allow you to find the right pace
  • 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds will delight and amuse

 Customer Reviews

I would but this again!
I love this swing/bouncer! It is the only reason I am able to set my daughter down. The really nice part is that the bouncer combines with the swing so it takes up less room. Space is at a premium at our house. The bouncer is easy to bring with also for trips to grandma's house. We actually used the bouncer for her to sleep in while we were waiting for her co-sleeper to arrive. She was premature so everything came after she was born. Thankfully the swing/bouncer came while we were still in the hospital. I love this swing. The music and nature sounds are great. My little girl however does not like the vibration feature on the bouncer but every baby is different. I would recommend this to everyone!Aliviper

I ordered this online when my daughter was 2 weeks old and started using it right away. She just loves it!!! I love that you can plug in the swing, no need for batteries!! (Bouncer needs batteries though, which I need to get so we can use it) The price seemed a little high at first but if you buy a good, comfortable swing and bouncer seperate this is cheaper, I was glad Walmart had it cause its cheaper than other places!! I wish they had these for my 3 boys!!KekaWikaKihaPili
Feels very durable.
I put it together last night, and it's a pretty easy assembly! Love all the different features it has like the music and the sounds it can play! (Way different then the swing I had 24 yrs ago, with a loud crank to wind the swing up lol) Easy to take off the seat to remove from the swing frame! My daughter loves it!!!sandydee43
This Swing and Bouncer was bought as a gift for my Daughter. She's not due till mid September. So, the only thing I can comment on at this time is, it arrived quickly as promised, and was easy to assemble.pcounty
Good swing until it quit
I received this as a shower gift and have used it less than 3 months. My daughter uses it for naps and we love it. However, while she was swinging in it, it made a clicking noise and then stopped swinging on its own. I can still hear it trying to work but it doesn't move. Really bummed because this was our favorite baby accessory and it wasn't used very long until it broke.ABO711
Sturdy, But Difficult to Build
We received the Graco - DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer as a gift for our second baby. I consider myself pretty advanced at most things mechanical — building things from wood, fixing small engines, home repair, etc. — but I struggled with the setup of this swing. The problem is that the instructions are a) vaguely written and b) only show a tiny, three-color illustration of the step you are attempting to accomplish. It took me more than an hour to assemble. That said, the swing seems sturdy, the music isn't super annoying, and the bouncer attaches/detaches quickly. I also like that you can plug it in or use it wirelessly.Fuzz
great swing but we couldn't use the bouncer part
We got this back in May for our baby and it's been great to help him sleep and to help with his gas pains. A few problems we've had are that the legs to the bouncer don't stay on. We have tried reattaching them multiple times and have watched youtube videos to make sure we assembled the bouncer right and the legs won't stay. So to us we only get to use half the features. Also the vibrating setting can be extremely loud, we've jammed some paper between the battery component and the swing.nightnurse
Dislike this swing
I just bought this swing TODAY and 100% regret it. My son is 2 months old and weighs about 15 lbs. The back of this swing doesn't recline so it just pushes his head forward, I am talking CHIN TO CHEST! He looks so uncomfortable, and the swing itself is noisy so even if he could get comfortable....idk if he would be able to sleep over the ticking sound it makes or the vibration noise. I love Graco but I HATE THIS PRODUCT. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy.Boomer911
Do not buy
We used it for 3 weeks and it already doesn't work. Whether it's plugged in or using batteries, the swing will hardly move, even if we push it to get it started. It also makes a whirring sound as if the motor is dying. My baby was only 8 pounds at the time it stopped working so that was not the cause. I am very disappointed.Renee L
Do NOT buy this swing!
First of all I would like to say it is a waste of money. While the concept is great, Graco probably should have actually tested this product before putting it on the market for such an obscene cost.
My baby just over 5 months old and the swing is already broken, and we didn't even get the swing until he was almost 3 months old. The swing says the weight limit is just over 20lbs but failed to work properly once he hit about 15lbs.
Also, the soothing vibration sounds like a jet engine! There needs to be some sort of padding in the battery compartment to keep the batteries and plastic from rattling together.
Over all the swing is junk at best and it only gets the high review as junk because the music function is good.Mommy13