Baby Swing Safety Tips to Remember

Baby Swing Safety TipsBaby swings are helpful to parents by comforting babies in preparation for sleep. You want to ensure your baby’s safety when making your swing choice. There are some additional safety tips to follow during the swing operation to keep baby safe and happy.

Speed of Swing

Lots of baby swings available today have adjustable speed settings. Begin with the slowest speed until the baby adjusts to the swing’s motion. Once the baby is comfortable, try the next speed for a short time to gauge reaction. An uncomfortable baby may not like the roughness of the motion so turn it back down. The baby will probably be ready for the next speed at a later time but there is no need to rush the change.

Time Spent in Swing

The recommended length of time for babies to be in swings is not exceeding 30 minutes. Dizziness and queasiness can be the result of extended periods spent in a swing. The parent should be awake and alert when the child is in a swing to avoid overextending the length of time spent in it.

Physical Condition

The swing should be properly assembled and in accordance with the accompanying instructions. If while constructing the swing you should become confused or unsure of the process, consult someone with recent experience in this type of assembly. Help can also be obtained from the store of purchase. Usually, a person in the baby furniture department will have some familiarity with swing assembly. If after assembly the swing’s base lifts off the floor enough to cause tipping, reduce the speed or weigh the legs down at the swing base.

Sharp Edges

Thoroughly check the frame and seat for sharp edges. Make sure that there are no protruding pieces that can harm or affect the baby. Inspect seat belts for fraying on the edges because this can cause discomfort for the child.

Seat Belt Condition

When choosing the swing, be sure to purchase a model that is equipped with a five-point safety harness for the best security. Lap belts used alone are not sufficient for the security of a baby. Car seats employ the five-point safety harness to ensure proper safety. This type of harness will also assist baby in upright positioning.

Span of Use for the Swing

When a child develops the ability to begin pushing out or jumping around in the swing seat, it is no longer usable. Follow the guidelines supplied by the manufacturer regarding weight and age specifications to prevent injury of the baby. Child growth, increased activity and ability to initiate movements are all indications that the portable or full-size swing use is no longer appropriate for the child. Cradle swings should no longer be used after the baby can elevate to hands and knees or roll over.