Fisher Price Cradle n Swing, My Little Lamb

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Parents who want to make their children feel relaxed and happy while sitting on the swing may have to think about purchasing the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing, which is said to be one of the best baby swings in the world. There’re many kinds of entertainment and enjoyment features available in the swings, especially the comfort and the protection. Choosing a swing may seem simple, but parents should be careful if they want to get the best product only. When parents buy this Fisher Price Cradle n Swing, they won’t need to worry about anything anymore.

Fisher Price Cradle n Swing Features and Specs :

Before parents decide to buy the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing, they need to gather around complete information about this best baby swing. It won’t hurt to find out the great things about this device and also its flaws. When parents buy this device, they won’t need to worry about their babies’ safety or well being because the device is completely solid and strong. When parents buy the device, the benefits they can get are:

  • The swing is available in cute design and unique style. The overall design is perfect for little babies who want to have fun or take a nap soundly and peacefully.
  • The swing is solid and sturdy. The structural frame is strong, so parents won’t need to worry that the swing may suddenly collapse or tumble down. Such thing will never happen.
  • The seat is made of high quality fabric so it’s comfortable and soft. Babies can always sleep or sit comfortably there.
  • The device has three different options for seating arrangement and movement setting. There’s side to side movement or the soothing rocking movement. It also has six different speed options so parents can decide whether their babies want to have relaxing, slow movement or the fun, fast one.
  • The swing has big overhead canopy with clouds and other cute stuffs, so babies can entertain themselves while they’re being rocked to sleep.
  • It has music and sound effects that will keep the babies entertained.
  • The swing comes with foldable design so parents can store it efficiently. This feature is also helpful when parents want to carry this device around, so they can always do it easily.
  • Parents can combine the swing’s movement, with music only or with music and movement. With Fisher Price Cradle n Swing, parents won’t need to spend their energy to rock their babies in traditional way anymore.
  • It also includes an AC adapter so you don’t always have to use batteries.

Fisher Price Cradle n Swing Review :

Parents are mostly satisfied with this Fisher Price Cradle n Swing because it does help them in entertaining the babies. However, some parents think that the swing is too noisy even after they adjust the device with the lowest and softest noise feature. The rocking movement doesn’t seem to be safe, for them, because instead of calming their babies, the movement is almost similar to rollercoaster ride. They really hope that the manufacturer can fix the problems and come up with better product. But other than those issues, the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing is cute and handy.

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 Customer Reviews

Very Cozy and Well Made Swing
Easy to set-up and a lifesaver for babies that like to swing. The mobile and play bar are great entertainment and the product seems very durable and safe.Ashley
My son still loves this swing
My son is four and a half months old now and still loves laying in his swing. He takes lots of naps in it and winds down for the evening in this swing. When he was first born, he would not sleep in anything else but this swing. He loves sleeping in this thing. It's like he gets a big giant hug from it everytime. It makes him feel secure and safe because of the papsan seat. I buckle him in it now though because he's starting to sit up and move. Also, I store his pacifier in the netting around the back so it's easy to get too. You can also store a small burp cloth in the back for easy and fast clean-ups. This swing is a must have for new mommys.MommyofCayden
I love this swing
From the moment I saw an advertisement for it, I loved it. At first I thought it was too much to spend on a swing, but it was well worth it. My daughter is almost 6 months old and she still enjoys it. I love that the tray is removable and the seat can sit up or recline. The music, which by the way has nature sounds and soft tunes, has a volume control which is nice. The cushion is so soft and cozy, she still falls asleep in it. She enjoys looking in the mirror and trying to "catch" the sheep making circles around her head. Not only that, but as a new piece of furniture in the home, LOL, it is very easy on the eye and sweet to look at. I have only changed the batteries once since I bought it.kara6632
This swing is the best!!! My daughter who is now almost 7 months still loves to be in it. Only thing is that I was hoping that it plays different SONGS instead of the crickets and other soothing stuff. (she really only enjoy one song it it) But i thought it was really worth the money. She naps in it for a very long time. EXTREMELY good for the fall or winter because it has a very soft furry cusion with it. VERY comfortable and u cant even feel the plastic seat underneath it. And YES i will save this swing for my next one.Gwyneth
Best swing ever
We bought this when my son was about a month old because he seemed to hate his other swing he would scream whenever we put him in it. From day one he loved this swing he is now 5 months old and still loves it. It takes batteries but as often as we used it at first it doesn't eat them really fast unlike some others. The only problem I am now that he's older and can reach the stuff on the mobile we can't turn it on cause he grabs at the lambs/stars and makes the motor grind.sierra0612
Worth Every Penny!!
We nicknamed this swing "the babysitter" because our 2 month old son will sit in this swing for hours. We've been using it since he was about a week and a half old. He takes his afternoon naps in it. Love the side to side motion and it is so soft. It is fairly quiet compared to other swings and I think the repetitive sound of the motor is soothing to him and actually helps him sleep.OnlineShopaholicGirl
Best baby toy I've purchased
I have ran this swing for several weeks on batteries I pulled out of a flash light, and I'm still on the same set. So I don't see where people think it drains the battery. Once my baby falls asleep I just turn the music and mobile off. Product works great and allows me to finally set my son down with out him fussing.
Best Swing Out There!
We adore this swing. I work in childcare and have used many swings, but received this one as a gift when I was pregnant with our first baby. It took almost no time for my husband to assemble. When the baby was a newborn, if she wasn't in our arms, she was in this swing. Even when it's not swinging, she loves it. It is not recommended for sleeping, as the only *safe* place for sleeping is the crib, but we let her sleep in it right next to our bed. As she's gotten older, and we needed to transition to her crib, I removed the entire cloth seat and put that in her crib for her to sleep in. She loves the super soft pillow and she had no problem transitioning. Again, it is not recommended for sleeping, but it has worked for our family. It is machine washable and easy to get the seat on and off. It has several speed settings, though our baby was happy with the slowest. If you don't have the feet just right, it can squeek a bit, but just adjust them if it does.
Amazing swing!!
We use this swing for our 5 month old daughter and she absolutely loves it! It was REALLY easy to set up and the instructions were very clear. The music and swing settings are great and my daughter absolutely loves the mirror!! The only down side - the music and mobile only go for 7 min. before shutting off, but that isnt a huge deal seeing as it has a "restart" button that starts it over and the swinging doesnt stop so our daughter doesnt wake up if she is in the middle of a nap!! ALSO!! We ordered it Monday morning and it was here Friday afternoon!!Army Family
Lifesaver in our home
We started to use the swing when our little one is around 4 weeks and are still actively using it at 4 months. At first I thought the mobile was unnecessary (this is my first born); however, once I saw him start to look at it with awe and I realized how important light and movement are for his development, I was happy we had his product. We keep it between the great room and kitchen so it allows my spouse and I to have a meal handsfree while our son swings close by. We like this product so much, we have disassembled it and taken it on 2 different overnight trips. I have recently noticed a sound with the motor, but it is not loud enough to be distracting and we normally have the music playing anyway. We rarely use the multi facing feature, but it is a nice to have if your child tends to look one direction.PugsNhugs

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