Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing – Rainforest


Fisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing is designed with nature as the central theme. Unlike ordinary swings which lack core design visions, this cradle swing provides the baby with the kind of comfort and relaxation you feel through the nature. Can support weight up to 25 pounds, it’s a clever way to instill in your child the love for our environment.

Fisher Price Rainforest ThemeSimilar to many other swings by Fisher-Price, this Fisher-Price Rainforest features the traditional back-and-forth rocking motion and the more relaxing side-to-side cradling motion. Switching between these 2 swinging variations is done without hassle. In addition, 6 swinging speeds complement the baby’s need for speed as the child grows more adventurous.

Embracing the baby is an engaging seat which is woven with greenery elements. Its washable pad allows a squeaky clean and fragrant seat to continuously soothe the child, with a 3-point restraint to keep the baby secure and 2 recline positions to suit the child’s needs for a short nap or for some playing time.

Fisher Price Rainforest mobileThe most attractive feature, though, is the motorized mobile overhead the baby. With a push of a button, the mobile – covered with leafy canopy which heightens the impression of nature – plays peek-a-boo with the child. The artificial leaves open and close alternately, revealing 3 animal friends attached on the mobile. With the baby anticipating the plush toys, visual tracking ability is developed early on.

When access to the child is required, the motorized mobile swings away. This flexibility ensures that mums get her baby in and out of the swing easily. Ahead of the child is a snack tray which is able to hold sweets or even more toys to let the baby enjoy thoroughly. As for power source, an A/C adapter is available to save money on 4 “D” batteries (not included).

Perfecting rainforest design is the music which enhances the baby’s auditory sense. 12 songs with natural tunes are available to choose from, on top of another 2 nature sounds which cultivate a sense of belonging to Mother Nature. With that, Fisher-Price Open-Top cradle swing with rainforest theme is a treasure for families who love the nature.