Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

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Brand Name Fisher-Price
Model K7924
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If parents think that the Fisher Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing is just ordinary baby swing, they’re not being true. The device is said to be the best baby swing in the industry and it deserves the title because of its great features. Parents won’t need to deal with long hours of holding the babies to calm or soothe them. Everything can be done with this device, allowing the babies to play, enjoy themselves, or take a nap. There won’t be another boring moment with this Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing.

Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing Features and Specs :

Why should parents buy the Fisher Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing ? Well, there’re several reasons for it, but the main reason is for the comfort and the safety. The babies will sit comfortable and well inside the swing. Parents won’t need to worry that their babies may topple over because they’re really secured without constricting their space. They can still move very well and comfortably, but they won’t tumble down. Other benefits parents can expect from this best baby swing are:

  • The baby swing has two different options of seating arrangement, so whenever parents want to change it, they can do it easily.
  • The baby swing is made of great quality materials. The seating is soft and comfy. The structure is sturdy and solid. Parents won’t need to worry if the swing suddenly falls down or collapse.
  • The seating is built like nesting design, so it’s completely secure and safe for the babies.
  • The baby swing is equipped with different sound systems. It has sound effects as well as different song options. The song options can be divided into the time, such as songs for the nighttime or daytime.
  • The device has different speed arrangement – up to six options – so babies can have fun. Parents can adjust the setting if they want their babies to have fun with the swing movement or if they want to relax with the cradling movement.
  • The device is foldable for easier and more efficient storage. This feature also allows parents to carry the device around easily.
  • The swing has a canopy that can move as the music starts. The canopy has stars decoration on it, so whenever it moves, babies can watch the stars move as well.
  • The seat is removable and washable. Parents can always remove it and wash it thoroughly for hygienic reason.
  • The Fisher Price Starlight Cradle Swing has AC adaptor so it’s efficient for battery efficiency.

Fisher Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing Review :

Most parents who have purchased the Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing are quite satisfied with this swing. The device is certainly helpful and makes their job in taking care of the babies become easier and lighter. However, they dislike some features of it. The music always automatically turns off after seven minutes, so parents have to turn it on again manually. The headrest is too puffy and not removable, so sometimes the babies aren’t comfortable at all. But other than that, this Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing is helpful and handy.

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 Customer Reviews

Love it!!!
Pay no attention to the folks commenting on the color. Its really not that serious. It looks blue. My baby loves it!! I can put him in it and he will sleep for the whole day -in between meals of course lol. Bottom line, great product and well worth the moneyMomma2Bria
I am so happy with my purchase! It was delivered right on time and I love it. The baby is so comfortable in it. It was easy to put together and move around.Evette
My husband and I just bought this swing for our son who was born 4 months premature. Set up was very easy and it is without a doubt the best purchase we've made and with no regret what so ever. We love everything about it. Our son is 4 lbs and the fact that the head support pillow can be lowered and raised in the seat really made this perfect for our son, it fits him so well and still will as he continues to grow. The swing is breath taking in the dark and we all are so glade we bought it for him. We are VERY pleased!KLMiller
~ Best Baby Swing Ever ~
I LOVE this swing! I have four children, ages range from 13 down to my now almost 2 year old and have owned a different swing for each of them...this is by FAR my favorite!!! I purchased this swing for my son (who will be 2 in April) but I wanted to give an accurate rating of this swing, which is why I waited so long! I have had it for the entire two years and have not had one problem with it what so ever! My son lived in this swing as a newborn and up to about 5 months. Even if he wasn't swinging in it, he liked to watch the stars go around and around. As he got older he liked sitting up and playing with the toys on the tray.
It is NOT a girly color, although it could be used for a girl...but I just wanted to point that out, as some reviewers rated it down stating it was periwinkle...which technically it is, but you can't tell unless you get right up on it. It swings both ways, side to side and frontwards..perfect for changing things up! And NO batterie needed...need I say more! Oh yeah, I put this together by myself (since my husband was deployed at the time) as long as you can follow directions, it's simple!mysoldiersangel
Love this swing!!!!
I bought this swing online and it was delivered 3 days later. I read most of the reviews before i bought it and i was impressed. The whole "color purple" thing didn't bother is pics show the color difference because my son is wearing a baby blue sleep'n play. I love the plug in feature and my son looks very comfortable swinging in it. I did LOTS of research before i bought this swing....i wanted to make sure i found something worth spending money on...and this was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pickymomInOK
Excellent and definitely ok for a boy
I was a little afraid that this was going to be too purple after reading some of the reviews. The purple is VERY subtle, only in the gingham print. The pillow is baby blue, which subdues the purple even more. My husband doesnt want even the least bit of girly decor for our son, and he likes this. My son was 2 months premature, so he is a tiny guy, but the swinging motion (on low) is perfect for him. He loves the swing, it puts him to sleep right away. I am sure once he gets older, he will love looking up at the stars and mobile. It is just a gorgeous swing. I love it! HIGHLY recommend! Can I get one in my size??MomtoBCE
Great Buy // Very Cute Product
I Like This Product Alot. It Was Very Easy To Put Together And Portable Enough To Move From One Room To Another. It Is Purple As Everyone Else Says But It Also Has Blue Accents With Make It Sort Of A Unisex Cradle. I Have A Son And I Dont Think Its Too Girly For Him At All. The Noise From The Motor Is Slightly Annoying But Nothing I Cant Get Use To. I Would Definitely Recommend This Product To Any One Of My Friends Whether Or Not They Were Having A Boy OR A Girl. So Far My Son Loves It And Its Great For Me To Because It Gives Me The Opportunity To Do Things Around The House While He's Sleeping Safe In The Cradle. Over All This A Great Buy.Milf22
Fantastic Swing
I love this swing! I read so many reviews that were negative simply because of the color. I don't have any problems with the color (mostly beige and baby blue, but some parts are a very very light purple) and neither does my son. He loves to watch the stars in his swing. He is a big boy, just over 11 lbs already at 6 weeks and the swing holds his weight well and works great. I also love that the swing has two positions. He can sit up when he's wide awake and wants to watch what's going on around him, and lie back when he's sleepy and drift off while watching the star light spin around him. This swing was exactly what I was looking for, and I searched for months before deciding.ProudM0M
I just got this swing and for all who are wondering about the colors...
The Headrest is Light Blue and ALL of the checkered
parts of the fabric are light purple.

I labled the parts where the blue and purple are.
The 1's are blue, and the 2's are purple.

I am having a girl but i would say that of you're having a boy it is alright for a boy thats just my opinion though you might think differently. I am due in 4 weeks. i will be writing another review on how the product holds up. Thanks! hope it helped.ilovemy3girls
Mixed Feelings....
Overall, my fiance and I love this swing. However, there are some pros and cons to it. For example:

-It's adorable and fairly gender neutral, so you can use it with any future children as well.
-It's pretty easy to assemble. I did it at 8 months pregnant in about 15 or 20 minutes without any problem.
-It has a good many, different tunes to choose from to play.
-So far, it's proved durable and easy to move around from place to place in the house. We haven't tried taking it anywhere else yet.
-The material/cushioning is very soft and comfortable.
-It swings very smoothly and has the option to swing side-to-side or back-and-forth.
-It has little lights that shine down on the baby that can be turned off if you'd like.

-The motor aspect of it is by no means loud, but it does make more noise than I anticipated it would...especially when turning it on or off.
-The sheer "netting" type material that surrounds it was wrinkled very badly when taking it out of the package, so we had to steam it in order to get the wrinkles out.
-We thought the color of the plastic (the top covering the motor and such...and the "feet") was much lighter than it turned out to be. It's a much deeper beige than it appears to be...almost to the point of looking yellowish.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. If we had to do it over again, it's by far still the one we'd get.
It's worth the extra money!OwensMommy2010