Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer

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Brand Name Graco
Model 1W49FIN
Rating ★★★¾☆ 
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Moms love baby products that do more than one thing, so you’re sure to love the Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer. This terrific product has a removable swing seat that doubles as a bouncer, so you’ll have two great ways to soothe your baby.

  • Removable swing seat doubles as a bouncer
  • Vibration with two speed settings keeps baby relaxed
  • Roomy seat with recline and head support keep baby cozy
  • 6 swinging speeds allow you to find the right pace
  • 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds will delight and amuse

 Customer Reviews

I would but this again!
I love this swing/bouncer! It is the only reason I am able to set my daughter down. The really nice part is that the bouncer combines with the swing so it takes up less room. Space is at a premium at our house. The bouncer is easy to bring with also for trips to grandma's house. We actually used the bouncer for her to sleep in while we were waiting for her co-sleeper to arrive. She was premature so everything came after she was born. Thankfully the swing/bouncer came while we were still in the hospital. I love this swing. The music and nature sounds are great. My little girl however does not like the vibration feature on the bouncer but every baby is different. I would recommend this to everyone!Aliviper

I ordered this online when my daughter was 2 weeks old and started using it right away. She just loves it!!! I love that you can plug in the swing, no need for batteries!! (Bouncer needs batteries though, which I need to get so we can use it) The price seemed a little high at first but if you buy a good, comfortable swing and bouncer seperate this is cheaper, I was glad Walmart had it cause its cheaper than other places!! I wish they had these for my 3 boys!!KekaWikaKihaPili
Feels very durable.
I put it together last night, and it's a pretty easy assembly! Love all the different features it has like the music and the sounds it can play! (Way different then the swing I had 24 yrs ago, with a loud crank to wind the swing up lol) Easy to take off the seat to remove from the swing frame! My daughter loves it!!!sandydee43

As a single mother to a young daughter I was exhausted and needed a break! I found this on line and decided I needed to make an investment and buy this. Best thing EVER, it put my daughter straight to sleep and kept her asleep long enough for me to get a small nap inmotoxshell
This Swing and Bouncer was bought as a gift for my Daughter. She's not due till mid September. So, the only thing I can comment on at this time is, it arrived quickly as promised, and was easy to assemble.pcounty
Swing is great but bouncer?
Not sure if I missed something but I gave this as a gift and expected that the swing and bouncer would be able to separate easily. This appears to involve removing screws. Not something you would be doing in a hurry.
Swing broke less than 2 months of use
So I got the swing in June and only used it a handful of times and it stopped working. I plugged it in and nothing then I tried to plug something else in and it works. So I was like let's just use batteries after putting batteries in it's still not turning on. I was bummed thankfully a friend let us borrow another swing until we get a newCupcake189
Won't last long
First of all the assembling of this swing was almost impossible. My son loved this swing it was the go-to when he was unconsolable. I strapped him in and turned it on and nothing happens no music, or swinging. We've only been using this for a couple weeks my son just turned a month old. Really disappointed.Hannmr1120
Power Problems
Hello, we received this swing as a baby shower gift brand new and assembled recently. Not even after one use the power source had went out including using batteries. So whatever's wrong with it is in the motor. I didn't expect the swing to have any issues so I had already threw away the box but I'm going to need a new motor unit which is just as much as buying one new. Wouldve been a great product but horrible output.Juan910
Seems great but don’t buy
I got this as a gift for my baby shower my daughter is three months old and she can no longer use it it’s hitting the bottom of the base when it goes she is only 14/15 pounds. We have never been able to use the bouncy chair part because the vibration is so loud it’s annoying great concept awful swingElana

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