2Pac - Me Against the World - CD

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This classic album by the pioneering rapper is now available through Amaru/Jive Records. Besides the smash hit "Dear Mama," this album includes "If I Die 2Nite," "Me Against the World," "So Many Tears," "Temptations," "Heavy in the Game" (feat. Richie Rich), "Lord Knows," "It Ain't Easy," "Can You Get Away," "F*#k the World," "Outlaw" (feat. Dramacydal) and more.

2Pac - Me Against the World - CD2Pac - Me Against the World - CD
2Pac - Me Against the World - CD
2Pac - Me Against the World - CD Record Label: Interscope Records Music Genre: Rap / Hip-Hop
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Must Buy
I had this cd for years and my scratches were messing up the flow of the cd so I rebought this as a tupac dmx collector and I am not dissappointed. I accidentally bought 2 and I'm glad I did!!!! loveshakela

Songs are not in order of original CD. Made in Mexico. I'm not even sure the sell of cds like this are legal.MsDetermined


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