Adele - 21 - Vinyl

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Vinyl LP. Nobody could predict the global sensation Adele was about to unleash when rolling out ;21; in 2011. Certainly, her album ;19; was a huge success, but ;21; became a juggernaut of mega hits including ;Rolling in the Deep;;Rumor Has It;;Set Fire to the Rain; and ;Someone Like You.; There are only 11 songs on the album, and 9 of them charted. The album didn't just peak at 1, it went into orbit. Although it was produced by the legendary Rick Rubins, it is Adele's remarkable vocal range and power with such a soulful warmth that carries the whole album.

Adele - 21 - VinylAdele - 21 - Vinyl
Adele - 21 - Vinyl
Adele - 21 - Vinyl: More than a singer, Adele also co-wrote the nearly the entire album with assists from Paul Epworth, Francis White, Dan Wilson and Ryan Tedder, among others. Clearly ;21; has a cross-generational appeal, especially with it's heavy soul influences, but it also seems to announce the arrival of the Millennial's as a generational force on the music industry. This US LP pressing includes a download card.

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Very good vinyl. A must buy but order online because it saves you a few dollars!!!Stacy
She's perfect for vinyl
This album sounds so good on vinyl.Pjavang
Fantastic album!!!
This is an absolutely fantastic album!! I think everybody should get a copy whether on vinyl LP, CD or digital!!Sman

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