Anita Baker - Rapture - Vinyl

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Rapture is the second album by the American vocalist Anita Baker. It was released in 1986, becoming her breakout album, selling over 8 million copies worldwide (of which 5 million in the US) and earning her two Grammy Awards. It produced one moving hit after another, including ?Sweet Love,? ?Caught up in the Rapture?, ?Same Ole Love,? and ?No One in This World.?

Anita Baker - Rapture - Vinyl
Anita Baker - Rapture - Vinyl
Anita Baker - Rapture - Vinyl Record Label: Music on Vinyl Music Genre: R&B / Soul Rock

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Great find!
One of the best voices of all time. This album is a classic!shannon

I received this album scratched up!! Brand new but defective!! Hopefully I can exchange it!!LaVon


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