Graco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer, Emersyn

Brand Name Graco
Model 2139193
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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The Graco® Simple Sway™ 2-in-1 Baby Swing offers cozy swinging in multiple directions and features a portable bouncer to keep baby soothed and nearby throughout the house. The multi-direction seat offers the option to face right, front, or left, and allows you to change the motion from a side-to-side swing to a head-to-toe swing for longer soothing. The cozy swing seat doubles as a bouncer with carry handles, giving you flexibility to use it in any room in the home. This swing also features 6 swing speeds, 15 songs and sounds, option to plug in or use batteries, a cozy head support, and soothing 2-speed vibration to keep your little one content.

Graco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer, EmersynGraco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer, EmersynGraco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer, EmersynGraco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer, EmersynGraco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer, EmersynGraco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer, Emersyn
Graco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing and Bouncer, Emersyn
Multi-direction seat allows baby to face right, front, or left for more ways to swing
Swing seat conveniently doubles as a portable bouncer with carry handles, providing flexibility to use throughout the home6 swing speeds allow parent to adjust to baby's preference, ensuring a soothing pace
Vibration with 2 speed settings keeps baby soothed for longer10 classic melodies and 5 nature sounds to calm and soothe baby
Infant head support keeps your baby cozy and can be removed as your little one grows
Mobile with 3 soft toys keeps baby entertained5-point harness keeps baby comfortable and secure
Option to plug in or use batteries makes this swing ideal for any room in the home
Swing: 5.5 lbs to 30 lb Bouncer: 5.5 lbs to 18 lb
You Save : $49.03Best Price

 Customer Reviews

Impressive rocker and bouncer in one
The Graco Simple Sway 2-in-1 Swing is an impressive product. It easily goes from a swing to a bouncer with the push of two buttons. It's super handy when you need...well, your hands... for a minute but want to keep baby safe and entertained.

Admittedly, it is a LARGE product and not really suitable for apartment living (or it'll take up your entire living room). That being said, the 2-in-1 nature of the product helps you cut down on STUFF. Parenting win!

Our baby loved being able to swing side-to-side, in addition to front-to-back (something she'd never experienced with our old rocker). She also seemed very calmed by the nature noises. And when I needed to do some work in the other room, I easily pushed in the handles on the bouncer, brought it with me, strapped her back in, and kept her entertained and bouncing without missing a beat.

The set up was a little complex (we definitely had to reference the youtube video vs simply reading the manual), but the product seems well thought-out and very sturdy [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]AWinston
Best multi-use baby product yet!
Anytime you can get multiple uses out of one baby gear product, its like hitting the jackpot! If the product works well, that is. I've had my fair share of baby gear cluttering my floors over the last several years and I welcome one item that takes the place of two or more items!
This swing/bouncer combo has easily taken to be my daughter's favorite apparatus. I love it too, because its 2-in-1! Actually, I'd consider it to be 3-in-1 as the swing can go both side to side AND forwards and backwards, as well as the bouncer function. Putting the bouncer on and off is simple, however I'd recommend doing it while the seat is empty.
Assembly was a bit tricky - I can never quite follow the product guides included in the box, so I was pleased to find that Graco had put out a assembly video! With the help of the video, I was able to get the swing assembled in about 40 minutes with a 2 month old and 3 year old at my side (everything takes twice as long with kids)!
The only things I would change about the swing would be the angle of the seat as it's almost too much of a "bucket" seat in that a baby's head easily slumps. And perhaps add some strap covers for the shoulder straps because they aren't the softest next to baby's neck.
Overall, this picky-mom is very impressed and will hold on the swing for years to come! A huge thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this swing to try! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]Andreachristine13
Awesome 2-in-1 Swing
My 10 week old baby and I absolutely love the Graco® Simple Sway™ 2-in-1 Swing. Both the swing and the bouncer have features that soothe my son when fussy and keep him relaxed when happy. I really like that this swing has 6 different speeds in which it can sway. My son likes the third setting when relaxing in the swing and the sixth setting when calming him prior to a nap or bedtime. I really like that it can swing side-to-side or front-to-back. My favorite feature is that you can turn the seat to the left or right which allows it to be placed pretty much anywhere in the house!

The swing also has a mobile, a multitude of sounds, classical instrumental music and the ability to increase or decrease the volume so my son is always entertained! My son really likes when I tap on the mobile to make it turn, but it would be nice if the swing didn't require me to manually turn it and had a button to make it spin. I also wish that the mobile was attached to the seat, and not just to the swing so the mobile could also be used in the bouncer configuration.

I really like how this product can be used as either a swing or a bouncer. It only takes a second to transition from one configuration to the other by pressing the swing release buttons on the chair or simply placing the seat on the base to transition back to the swing. We typically use the swing to help relax him before his naps and bedtime, and the bouncer when we need a place to dock him in a different room. I have especially gotten a lot of use out of the bouncer by placing it in the bathroom while I shower. Additionally, the seat has a switch that can vibrate at two different speeds. My son especially likes this feature when he is in the bouncer.

I like that there is a five point harness to keep my baby safe in the swing. I also like that the shoulder straps are only attached to the swing near the shoulder and snap into the harness. This makes placing the baby in the swing so much easier because you don't have to struggle to slip the arms through the straps. I do wish that there was some cushion on the straps to allow my baby to be extra comfy while in the swing. There is also a removable infant insert which will allow the swing to be used even as my son gets older. Lastly, when I first received the product, I found set-up using only the instruction booklet to be somewhat confusing. I highly recommend using the Graco video demonstration online to help set-up the swing much quicker.

Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving me the opportunity to test the Graco® Simple Sway™ 2-in-1 Swing. Every time I put my son in either configuration he has a smile on his face. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]Samik22

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