Pearl Jam - Ten - Vinyl

Brand Name Pearl Jam
Rating ★★★★★ 
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Pearl Jam - Ten - VinylPearl Jam - Ten - Vinyl
Pearl Jam - Ten - Vinyl
TEN (Vinyl)

 Customer Reviews

Love it!
A must have for your 80's Collection. Album was shipped in mint conditionsb01364
Pearl Jam ten
Good song variety! Sounds good too!Jesus
Not only did this arrive early, out of my many vinyls it was perfect! It's as if we travelled back to '91. The sound is clear and sharp as a crystal clear diamond, the vinyl had a slight dent and scratch but my vinyl player didn't even notice it so it played so smoothly. Both sides play perfectly as well! Not a single pop or crackle. Thank you so much and I know where I'll buy my vinyl from now on :D Pure excellency!

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