Summer Comfort Height Bath Tub

Brand Name Summer Infant
Model 09590Z
Rating ★★★★½ 
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The Summer Comfort Height Bath Tub is transitional and grows with your little one to support his or her changing needs. It features a foam-backed insert to keep baby reclined and secure that can be used separately in a sink. This item begins as an infant tub that has a raised height for easier bathing. The base is also removable and the wide basin can be placed inside the tub to provide toddlers a little more room to splash and play while still offering additional safety. This newborn bath tub platform then performs as a kneeling bench to help parents comfortably reach toddlers. The base then acts as a step-stool to help small kids reach taller challenges, like brushing their teeth independently. The Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub showcases design elements that make it stand out from normal models.

Summer Comfort Height Bath TubSummer Comfort Height Bath TubSummer Comfort Height Bath TubSummer Comfort Height Bath TubSummer Comfort Height Bath TubSummer Comfort Height Bath Tub
Summer Comfort Height Bath Tub
Summer Comfort Height Bath Tub:Tub offers ultimate comfort for you and your baby
An extra platform safely raises the tub, making it comfortable and easier to reach the baby during bath time
Summer bathtub includes a foam-backed insert to help hold baby above the bath waterline
Insert is formed with a supportive leg separation and keep baby in a comfortable, reclined position Flared wide foot base to provide a stable structure
Wide tub basin allows for all-around access for a thorough bath
Newborn bath tub transforms to grow with children
For use with children from birth to 2-years-old

 Customer Reviews

Besides the fact that the box was in really bad shape the tub itself was perfect. I would totally recommend it, especially because it grows with the child. I have to to so many Walmarts and HEBs and cant find a decent tub . This one is perfect.Emely
Easy on the body after giving birth
I have 8 kids and used many types of baby tubes. This is my favorite! This is my second one. The only reason I got another one is that we had to move and didn't want to spread contamination from one tub to the other in my new house leaving a rental. One thing about it tho is that mildew can form under the tub connected to the stepping stool. when you separate it you may need to clean with Clorox bleach cleaner. Otherwise its makes it so much easier to reach a newborn. no one wants to reach down in a tub to hold on to a tiny newborn. This sits up nice and high to have better control and easy on the body after giving birth. highly recommend.april

Baby enjoys this bath tub so much, he is 4 weeks old...We enjoy that it is high enough that we don't have to bend down in the bath tub...It is high enough that the water fills in the tub without wasting water and when finished bathing all you do is pull the plug and the water flows out...Sallie

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