Victrola Journey Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable

Brand Name Victrola
Model VSC-550BT-LBB
Rating ★★★★☆ 
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Victrola's Journey portable suitcase record player is a classic, loaded with features like an easy carry handle, so you to listen to your favorite tunes wherever you are! Built-in stereo speakers provide crisp, clear sound, or you can plug in your favorite headphones and get lost in the music. The suitcase record player features a 3-speed, belt-driven turntable to reduce vibration, as well as wireless Bluetooth connectivity, so you can listen from up to 33 feet away. In your home or on the go, your music will never be far!

Victrola Journey Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player with 3-Speed TurntableVictrola Journey Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable
Victrola Journey Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable
Features a 3-speed, belt-driven turntable for all your favorite (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM) records. Also features RCA jacks and a headphone jack. A portable design with an easy-carry handle allows you to take your favorite songs on the go. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream your music without any messy cords Built-in stereo speakers! Measures 13.9"x10.1"x5" and weighs 6 lbs.

 Customer Reviews

Great for beginner enthusiasts!
First time using this type of record player and was so easy to figure out! I love how easy it is to switch/connect to the Bluetooth setting and is a great speaker. Sound quality is amazing for the price and is still crystal clear even at max volume. Would highly recommend to any beginner enthusiasts!

BONUS: It comes with a replacement stylus and instructions on how to safely replace it as not to damage it.Christina
Very nice record player
Very nice retro hifi-player! I'm so happy Victrola has brought them back to life. Unhappily, I gave all of my prized albums away because I couldn't find satisfactory vendors of styluses and players. This has current Bluetooth connectivity as well as two important speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 rpm as well as the 45 records adapter.Bill
Best Gift
I wasn't expecting such high quality! I got it for my sister (she's going through a vintage phase), and I won the "best gift" award! I don't think anyone would believe me if I told them I bought it brand new in box for $35! The color selection was amazing, but I just went with the light blue. She loves it and uses it constantly! It was so much fun to teach/learn how to use it! The whole family was involved! Dad reminisced about all the records he once owned and how one melted in his truck during school, and Grandma went down stairs to fetch her favorite forgotten tunes. She had tears in her eyes when we played her prom song. A fantastic gift!Brittany

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