Brand Name Sony Music
Model 53662-Michael Jackson - Xscape
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Michael Jackson is the most successful entertainer and one of the most influential artists of all-time. To date, he has released 13 #1 singles, been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, set Guinness World Records and sold over 1 billion records worldwide. Jackson's sound, style and dance moves continue to inspire today's artists and his fans all over the globe. XSCAPE id being released by Epic Records in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson and was executive produced by L.A. Reid, along with other producers including Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and John McClain. XSCAPE features eight never-before-heard tracks.


 Customer Reviews

good stuff man
One word: Fantastic!Leek
This is Classic MJ
I had heard some great reviews so I wanted to listen for myself and I have to say it really is brilliant. Very classic MJ. His vocals are up front and vibrant, powerful. The production complements his vocals and all the songs are very catchy and danceable. The first three are soulful smooth but with a nice beat that makes you want to move. Then you have the more up tempo songs that again just make you want to sing along and dance at the same time. Great song selection. And even though they are from different eras it seems as Jackson recorded it just a few months ago. Very cohesive, well put together song selection. The production, mastering and overall quality are excellent. I was so happy to listen to a classic Michael Jackson CD. I would recommend this to fans and any fan of music in general.Lia77
This is wonderful music from MJ. I hope more is released from his music vault.leecakes

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