Tips On Choosing The Best Baby Swing

Choosing The Best Baby SwingBaby swings give your baby a similar feeling as when they were in the womb, which is why it makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. The baby swing is not just good for the baby’s enjoyment and comfort alone, it is a way of getting your baby busy so that you, the parent, can have time to rest, relax and do necessary chores. It is important to choose the best swing for your baby so you can take advantage of the excellent and additional features that will give both you and your baby a wonderful experience.

Safety and stability

The first thing you must consider when buying a baby swing is your baby’s safety. Babies are fragile and so they must be treated with plenty of care. Ensure that the swing you’re choosing has a low center of gravity and is of a considerable base size, to ensure that your baby doesn’t tip over if by chance he/she leans too much to one side. Because babies like to swing around and curl up all the time you need to check that the swing has a very good strap. The hip straps are the best because they provide total safety and stability for your swinging baby.


If you’re going to be moving the swing from one room to the other, or you know you’ll be going out a lot, then you should choose a lightweight swing that will be flexible and easy to move around. But if you want to have something more permanent and stationed then you can opt for the standard swing. A standard swing is heavier but it makes it easier for you to load and unload your baby.

Source of power

Most baby swings are either wind-up or battery powered so, before you buy, ensure that make up your mind on the power source first. However, your decision on the power source, when choosing the best swing for your baby, should be determined by a combination of your taste and what you can easily manage. You should know that battery operated swings are easy to operate and are less noisy, but you will need to change the batteries on a regular basis – which adds to the cost of operating the swing. Wind-up options, however, do not require additional cost since all you need is to wind it. But they are very noisy and the responsibility of having to wind it up at regular intervals can result in discomfort for you and your baby.

Optional Sound and speed levels

Babies have different tastes; whilst some would love a slow swing, others may prefer a fast and rocking swing. Choose a swing that has variable speeds and different patterns of rocking. Patterns of rocking can either the forward and backward or the side-to-side type. If your baby loves music then you should get the swing that has a music option.

Flip-out tray and open top

Open tops makes it easy for you to lift the baby out of and into the swing without hitting their head on the upper bar, whilst flip-out trays help you get a sleeping baby in and out of the swing without scraping their legs. This makes these features a must when trying to choose the best swing for your baby.